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onas2Technical amusements facilities are Fiala family business since many years. Our grandparents Fiala had already been travelling in our country with technical amusement facilities, bringing entertainment and joy to the people.

Later, other members of our family , František Novotný (born 1884) and Marie Novotná (maiden name: Janečková, born 1892), continued the traditional business. With shooting galleries, swings and, particularly, a great attraction of that time - big dipper - they were travelling around, from one county fair to another.

The second branch of the family were František Fiala (born 1888) and Terezie Fialová (maiden name: Wertheimová, born 1890) with their REVUE Circus, children amusements and shooting galleries . Both families merged after the wedding of Bohumil Fiala (born 1925) and Jiřina Fialová (maiden name: Novotná, born 1932). Their amusement business included chain flyers, swings and shooting galleries.

onas1The tradition has been continued by Bohumil Fiala (born 1951) and Marie Fialová who have been running several amusement business branches since 1970s, such as children train, gambling machines, and Go-Karts. After 1989, they have been running Go-Kart business in Germany as well. When received the working permit, TÜV test certificate and residence permit, they performed in German federal countries, such as Saxonia, Brandenburg as well as in cities Berlin, Cottbus, Bautzen and more. .

Currently, the amusement business of the family is being continued by son, Bohumil Fiala (born 1979), and his wife Jaroslava Fialová (maiden name: Visingerová) who bought the POLYP amusement facility in Germany in 2002. Jaroslav Janeček (born 1975) who married daughter, Gabriela Fialová (born 1976) is running Go-Kart and bobsleigh.

In 1994, LUNAPARK Monthly, advertising and information journal in this line of business, appeared for the first time. Despite start up problems, this journal proved to be of great use for presentation of technical amusements, events and advertising because it was the only one to cover these sectors of business. Currently, it is popular among most Czech entrepreneurs in this industry. Moreover, it is available in Germany, Poland and Slovakia as well.